Mountain View Productions | Pricing-Real Estate

Mountain View Production provides a unique style of real estate photo and video that is sure to help you show off your home and get it sold!  

Real estate photography is notorious for being an easy way to earn a few bucks if you own a DSLR camera.  But its harder than just point and shoot if you actually want your home to stand out and get sold.  Mountain View Productions knows what your potential clients want to see and our photos will help you get showings and get your home sold.  The unique way we capture and process the images of your home ensures that your home will stand out from the rest and get the attention it deserves!  Visit our gallery for examples of some of our past work and feel free to contact us for a custom quote or with questions!




If more photos are needed, ask for a custom quote.

Minimal - $100:  Provides 20 edited photos.

Standard - $150:  Provides 35 edited photos, including twilight and aerial shots.

Aerial - $75:  Provides between 5 and 10 edited aerial or twilight photos.

Twilight Only - $75:  Provides between 5 and 10 edited aerial or twilight photos.



Minimal- $150:  Indoor, Outdoor video walkthrough.

Drone Video - $75/hr


MLS link - Mountain View Production is set up as a vendor in MLS!  If a realtor would like the link to the video uploaded in MLS, a 1-time service fee of $50 will be charged to the agent with the first request.